Designing and erecting a structure for a school is no simple task. Unlike building other structures, a school building construction should be designed keeping its current and future requirements in mind. In other words, the education system evolves with time and the design structure should be flexible enough to accommodate such changes.

The School’s Persona

During the design and planning phase, strategize the overall persona of the school. The image the school wants to create for itself, the purposes it should serve, the long-term educational goals, kinds of students attending school, the curriculum and teaching philosophy the school would employ, etc. should be looked into.

Shared Space

Consider the available physical space’s layout before getting started. Several schools are gravitating toward usage of shared areas to store curricular materials. This lets teachers store educational materials and teaching supplies in a centralized area, freeing up some space in the process for other activities. The size of the classroom could then be decreased, which brings down the overall project costs.

Planning for Technology

Another important issue to look into is the cabling and wiring requirements for different school tech applications used across the facility. Computer furniture, computers, a capable Internet server, data ports, and video monitors and cables are crucial for both current and future requirements. Superior audio speakers should be installed across the school, with the laptop stations being plentiful.

As per several studies, employing multiple technology tools and applications within the classroom would lead to an expanded and enhanced learning experience. In the building planning and design phase, schools must assess the current growth of technology and their future technological requirements.

Eco-Friendly Construction

Another important matter to consider prior to erecting a school is the construction’s overall impact and sustainability on the environment. Thanks to the inclination toward environmental consciousness, several schools are doing all things they could do to improve their buildings’ eco-friendliness. Exploring these aspects during the planning and design aspect of the project is certain to positively influence the environment, the overall community, and the pupils attending school.

Design Considerations

A few other things that should be kept in mind are:

• Physical classroom environment: air conditioning, heating, and lighting requirements of the school.
• Security and safety measures.
• Community use of facilities – can the community use the school’s auditorium or gym for events not related to the school?
• Usage of open spaces

The points discussed above are by no means exhaustive. There are several other things that must be considered before breaking ground for a new school. With several online and offline resources available for assistance, getting started with school building construction should not be a problem.

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