Some studies show that weighted bamboo blankets can have beneficial effects for individuals dealing with anxiety and sleep disorders. These items can make people calmer by mimicking a gentle hug. This triggers benign hormones that are associated with relaxation and happiness. However, buyers should be aware of the limitations and risks that are involved in using these blankets as well. They need to know the criteria for choosing the right one so that they can enjoy optimum results. Let’s begin with the following:

Appropriate Weight

The blankets that you will see online can come in a wide range of weights. Some might be as light as 4lbs or as heavy as 40lbs. Going too light means that you won’t get the calming effect as well as you should. Going too heavy can affect the circulatory system. Blood may not be able to flow freely across the body. Instead of a gentle hug, what you will feel is suffocation and overwhelming burden. This is particularly detrimental to those with blood pressure issues. Exercise care when providing a weighted bamboo blanket to young children.

Ease of Cleaning

Any thick blanket will be difficult to clean, especially something that is as purposely heavy as these products. You want to delay this as much as possible. For example, get a blanket that comes with its own fitted cover. This will shield the inside from dirt, dust, stains, and any other thing that you would not want on there. Blanket covers are thinner and lighter so they are much easier to wash. You can do this with regular frequency quite easily.

Soft on Skin

Everybody enjoys fabrics that are soft on their skin. Rough ones will not be good for sleeping since they might irritate the skin and cause itching. Beware of cheap weighted blankets as they might not have high quality fabrics. A weighted bamboo blanket and silks are some of the best options. Read the reviews to learn about user experience with regard to skin reactions. Breathability and sustainability are also big pluses during selection.


While these are blankets can be incredibly useful, they are not recommended for some people with specific conditions. These include diabetes, asthma, sleep apnea, sensitive skin, open wounds, rashes, and claustrophobia. If you have any of these, then you may want to check with your doctor for advice. For example, those with mild claustrophobia may not be adversely affected as long as they keep it light.

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