Limestone is generally a great building material. The material is strong and flexible to be used in different parts of the house interior. In New Zealand limestone is mostly used on the walls, the countertops, fireplaces, and stairs. The material guarantees quality interiors regardless of where it’s used. However, you can only get a luxury interior design if the surfaces are painted with the best colors.

Limestone in New Zealand comes in neutral color options such as beige, grey, white, creamy, and sand. These colors are natural and thus will go well with a range of palettes. So, there is absolute color freedom when painting limestone. However, if you are looking for the trendiest interior design options, then here is a quick guide to help you out:

1. Cool Colors for Beige Limestone

Beige limestone goes well with cool shades such as sage green, purple, and blue. Generally, these colors give your house interior a natural feel and can be used in the living room or the study room. The color will make the rooms more charmer and comfortable.

2. Warm Colors for Any Limestone Surface

Unlike the cool colors which mostly go well with beige limestone surfaces, warm colors such as gold, orange, pink, and red are ideal for all surfaces. In addition, the colors can be used in any room depending on the theme of your house. The colors generally make the rooms to feel warmer and livelier.

3. Lighter Colors for Creamy Limestone

If you want an airy feel in a house that is majorly creamy limestone, the best color to use are the lighter shades such as light brown, gray, or khaki. Any other lighter color belonging to these families will work just fine. The options also apply to white limestone.

4. Earthly Colors for Sand Limestone

To give your sand limestone a natural feel, you should try colors like dark evergreen and seafoam green. Basically, any palette with a green-like appearance will do. Ordinarily, the colors are meant for the walls but you can also use them on the tabletop and the fireplace.


Whether you are a fan of pink, blue, red, green or anything between, you will find a perfect limestone option for your next luxury interior design features. You just need to analyze the shade of your limestone so that you can complement it using the right paint. The above guide is great for the modern house and thus should be considered. The color options will make your house appear and feel warm and cozy. Like any other item, remember to source your paint and limestone from reputed distributors in New Zealand.

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