The Tempus Smart Controller is a new device that has just been released, and it is set to change the way people automate their homes. The Tempus controller was designed by Tempus Energy, which specializes in home automation systems. It’s meant to help you control many aspects of your home from one single controller, including lights, temperature settings, security cameras, locks on doors, and more.

Lights: The Tempus Smart Controller allows you to connect up to 50 different lights in your home. This way, you can easily turn them on and off anytime with just the touch of a button. When connected together, these smart lightbulbs will also be able to sync so that when one is turned on or off by using the Tempus controller, it tells all other bulbs in the system what they need to do—all without requiring any complicated programming at all!

Temperature: The Tempus Smart Controller also makes it easy for you to take control of your air conditioning unit. It comes with its own wireless temperature sensor that attaches directly onto an AC vent inside your house. From here, not only will this sensor monitor how hot or cold things are getting (and what the humidity is like in your house), but it will also allow you to make adjustments accordingly.

If Tempus learns that a certain temperature makes for an uncomfortable environment, then it can automatically adjust things so that this does not happen—saving both energy and money by doing so!

Switch: The Tempus Smart Controller comes with three different ways of controlling your smart devices instead of just one. In addition to its touchscreen display, Tempus also includes two switches (one on either side) which let you activate all sorts of actions without needing to touch anything at all. There’s even a built-in flashlight if you ever need some extra light while moving around inside your home!

Automation: With the Tempus Smart Controller, you can make your home more comfortable, save energy and money while doing so. Tempus Smart Controller looks to change the future of smart homes by offering a new type of automation that is not only effective but elegant as well.

Tempus’ touchscreen display allows you to control all sorts of things without having to physically move around inside your home—from adjusting lights based on time or room, controlling music in different rooms for an even sound throughout the house, turning up the heat before you get into bed, or setting timers for laundry machines or other appliances!

For more information and buying options on the Tempus Smart Controller, check online.

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