A small inground pool has many advantages over a larger pool. The mini pool is a swimming pool whose basin area is less than 20 square meters or even less than 10 square meters. A pool is considered small when it is 4 to 6 meters long and 2 to 4 meters wide. All shapes are possible: square, rectangular, hexagonal, round or freely formed. The mini pool allows you to relax or to practice water aerobics.

The inflatable pool is the most basic of above ground pools but also the most practical. It is completely and easily removable, which allows the pool to be disassembled when the weather is not ideal and store it for the next season. Simply inflate it, fill it with water and the inflatable pool can be used in minutes. There are all shapes (round, oval, rectangular, etc.) and all sizes.

From the small inflatable pool for children to the largest that can accommodate the whole family. Due to their non-rigid material, inflatable above-ground pools are fragile and their service life is not very long.

The benefits of the above ground pool

The first advantage of the above ground pool is its simplicity of installation. No need for big earthworks to enjoy quickly refreshing baths from the first heat. They fit very easily even in a small garden given the many shapes and sizes of above ground pools thanks to the workmanship of a Swimming Pool Designer.

The freestanding above ground pool may be akin to an inflatable pool but its installation technique is not the same. A flange placed on top of the freestanding pool must first be inflated. The unit made of PVC takes shape and becomes stable after filling the pool with water. The freestanding above ground pool is a little stronger than an inflatable pool but provided it is installed on a flat and well prepared surface by a Swimming Pool Designer.

The rigid above-ground pool consists of modular panels that, once assembled, forms the pool structure. These panels can be of different materials: steel, resin and wood. They have the advantage of being aesthetic and blend into the landscape and perfectly fit in. To seal the pool above ground, the modular panels are then covered with a liner that constitutes the pool.

This type of above ground pool is solid so much that it is even possible to bury it. This type of pool fits perfectly in a garden. Its elegance can also be highlighted by beautiful terraces, coping or beaches also in wood.

Less aesthetic but just as easy to install, the so-called tubular pool is also a type of rigid above ground pool. Steel tubes form the frame of the above ground pool and the pond is made of PVC fabric stretched between these tubes.

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