If you own or manage an office in Brisbane, you are responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of the office space and you understand how much of a headache this can be. And when you decide to clean your office, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider, including security, equipment, insurance, management, training, and costs.

Additionally, there are real risks that you need to factor in, especially in a business setting. For instance, slip and fall injuries are common among workers who operate in wet surfaces, climb ladder, and move heavy objects among others. The continuous bending and twisting involved in any cleaning process can also result into back injuries.

In a nutshell, by assigning your employees to do the cleaning duties, you could be putting your organization at risk. Before ordering brooms and dust pans for your employees, therefore, you need to consider the following:

1. Liability Insurance Requirements

Whether you are going to hire a full time custodian or you are still going to assign the cleaning duties to your employees, there are a number of liability risks that you should consider. Some of them not only apply to your employees but to your visitors as well. Reputable office cleaners in Brisbane will ensure that all safety measures are taken by using the right cleaning equipment, displaying proper signage, and ensuring that appropriate liability coverage is in place.

2. Workers Compensation Insurance Premiums

If one of your employees is taken away from his or her duties or injured while cleaning, your organization will need worker’s compensation insurance to cover the injuries sustained while on the job. This means that your employee’s productivity and morale will decrease and your organization is likely to incur work compensation claims and a potential increase in insurance premiums.

3. Cleaning Products Safety

Some cleaning products can be hazardous to health, especially if not handled professionally. Wearing safety goggles, gloves, and other types of protective clothing may be necessary when handling certain chemicals. Some of these can be costly. However, properly trained Brisbane domestic cleaners have the right chemical-resistant safety gears to get the job done professionally and fast. They also know how to mix the chemicals to avoid adverse chemical reactions that can produce toxic chemical fumes.

Considering the overall cost impact and several risks associated with assigning office cleaning tasks to your employees, it is clear that outsourcing the functions is a good move. From routine maintenance to commercial clean-up, office cleaning services can help you avoid the highlighted risk and demonstrate to your employees that you care.

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