Dogs love to chew. It’s a natural instinct that will not go away. We might as well direct to something that will be nondestructive such as rawhide pet treats. These come from the inner layer of the hides of cows and horses. These are sanitized and ground up before being pressed into strips that are made into viable treats for pets. They can come in various shapes and sizes. For example, small ones are good for puppies and tiny dogs while large ones are for adult dogs. They may even be flavored with meats to make them more attractive.


There are several benefits to using these treats. Dogs chew when they feel anxious so giving them a special object for this purpose enables them to calm down and feel better. It is certainly better than discovering that you shoes or your homework have been chewed up. Let them focus on a thing that is meant to be chewed up instead of household objects. Your furniture will last longer and stay pristine thanks to your efforts. Dogs can be stimulated the right way and may come to expect these after a while. They will refrain from destructive chewing since they have a better alternative.

Giving them this kind of treat will also help with their jaws, teeth, and breath. The constant motion forces the muscle of the jaw to work. Their neck and facial muscles will get stronger as a result. Their teeth will also be cleaned by the friction of the rawhide with the enamel. Some of these are formulated to have teeth cleansers as well. In fact, they might even freshen up the breath of your pets. You can enjoy their excitement at seeing you return. Let them lick your face and get close. They smell good anyway. They will even have less tartar and plaque.


The risks should be clear to you as well. If the manufacturing environment is flawed, then contaminations can occur. Toxic chemicals, salmonella, and E. coli may be present. Both pets and humans are in danger due to close contact. There are also dogs who don’t digest this well. Their stomachs may be irritated with rawhide and reject it. They might vomit or have diarrhea. These could also be choking hazards, especially for young puppies. Always get treats of appropriate size to prevent this.

Get your rawhide pet treats only from reputable brands to get the benefits without the risks.

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