If you love romance, you are likely to fall in love with books in the ancient world romance books category. This is because the books in this category offer exciting and interesting books for people who love romance. Below are some of the qualities of old world romance books.


A romance book is nothing without the right characters. This is because the characters in the book help in developing the story line. It follows that every romance writer should pay a lot of attention to characterization. Once you create the right characters, the book will make an excellent impression on the reader. In this context, characterization is not just about having a list of characters to play different roles in the book. Effective characterization means you should have rounded and fully developed characters. There must be minor and major characters in the book. Your romance novel should have a protagonist and an antagonist. These things are essential to the success of the book.


Now, this is one of the ingredients of success in your romance book. Suspense is the hook that gets the reader attracted to the book. Once your book has the right elements of success, readers will keep reading because they want to know what will happen next in the book. The right way to create suspense is to prepare the ground from the first page of the book. Build up the suspense until the climax and the book will be successful.

The Love Story

A romance novel should include a credible and convincing love story. This means that a woman and a man are involved in this story. Since it is an ancient world romance books, the characters must have old world moral standards. The woman should be modest and relatively shy while the man should be a typical “Knight in shining armor”. Because it is an old world romance, you should expect the woman to play hard to get. You should also expect that the man in the story would not get the woman on a platter of gold. The right scenario is that there is another man involved in this story. That other man is the antagonist of the protagonist. At the end of the day, the protagonist will prevail and the couple will live happily ever after.

Final Word

As you can see, an old world romance story is quite different from the romance stories we read these days. The setting is different and the realities are different. Look out for the right old-world books and you will enjoy reading them.

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