Many models, actors, and actresses nowadays are using Colored Contacts as they want that different look to suit either what they wear or their hair color on the runway.

Actors and actresses use it mainly for the profession as well depending on the character being played.

For example, when an actor plays a blind person they use a white-colored lens and for horror movies lenses that make it look as if your eyeballs are bleeding, and this is just for sure.

Now because of that many non-professionals are also opting for it, as it is the in-thing.

What lots of these non-professionals do not know is that the professionals have medical professionals who advise them and supply them with it, so you as a non-professional must too.

As this is a medical appliance it should be certified fit for human use.

And it is not a money-making business to make you go to an optometrists, but a fact and don’t always believe dr google.

You must remember your eyes are irreplaceable and very sensitive, comes in different sizes and shapes and so does the lenses.

So your medical professional can test your eyes for that exact reason, as well as give you names of companies that are reputable and certified hygienic.

Now when you start talking about colored lenses, it becomes a bit tricky and concerning.

Colored lenses are dyed or painted and are oxygen permeable.

You must be checked for any allergic reaction of the dyes and this can be done easily, either blood tests or six to nine small patches on your back.

the dye factor is also important when you think about it as you wave to look through this dye or paint and that can make your squint or even give you blurred vision.

So never drive with colored contacts on especially in the night.

Your natural lens in you eyeball or the prescription vision correction ones are oxygen permeable, so they allow free flow of air and oxygen to the eyeball, whereas the colored ones are not your eyeball has to strain and they veins have to work even harder to supply enough oxygen which may lead to damage or even you might go blind.

So to finish off, yes you can wear it and will make you look good at your party, but remember, YOUR EYEBALL MUST LAST A LIFETIME SO TAKE CARE WHEN BUYING OR USING IT

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