A poster frame is a basic frame that is used to complement the appearance of wall artwork and protect it at the same time. Normal poster frames look like picture frames, and are frequently made from the same kinds of materials. There are frames being offered for sale with straightforward designs, along with models that are more decorative and ornate. It is well worth shopping around before you purchase one, because they can make a big difference to the overall look of a wall.

Frames designed for posters come in a wide range of finishes and sizes, from metallic, wood, plastic and PVC, to acrylic. Easy loading black aluminum frames are a popular style, and these are often called movie poster frames. The posters are just slid into the back of these frames, and they do not need to be taken off the wall. You can buy just about any sized frame in this style, which is affordable and simple to find.

Of course, there are more costly and decorative frames for posters that are available for sale as well. Such frames might be built in a way that resembles a picture frame, only on a bigger scale. The frame itself might be fixed on, instead of being a piece that snaps into position. At the bottom or top, it will have a slot that the poster can slide into. Instead of having plastic clear covers, these big frames use Plexiglas or glass. Their sides are made from wood or metal, as opposed to the plastic that is typically used with standard frames.

Curved clear acrylic poster frames are another popular choice. This aesthetically pleasing design comes in wall mounted units and tabletop units. There are other types of acrylic frames as well, such as flat frames. You can suspend these from the ceiling or mount them on the wall for a modern appearance. Poster rails are another method you can use to achieve that modern ‘floating’ appearance.

Standard poster frames can be purchased from lots of discount stores, for extremely competitive prices. Typically, the more decorative models are available from hobby stores, and from specialist suppliers of music and movie memorabilia. Although the ornate poster frame designs are more expensive, they also normally protect posters to a greater extent than the cheaper designs. Therefore, if you have a poster you love, it might be worth paying a bit more for a better frame.

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