Many parts of our daily lives are effected by the moon and this comes from many years ago and not just today.

Many religions and sects have not only followed but based their lives on the phases of the moon and today it is one of the most sought after jewelry won by woman of style and fashion across the globe no matter their religion.

Our normal lives like the tides, are effected by the moon and the original calendars were also lunar based and it wasn’t until Caesar Constantine of Rome who changed from been a heathen and accepting Christianity as his new path and had a conference where they decided on many things including the divinity of Christ as well as the days of the month and how should it be followed and leaving the lunar cycle out of it.

Many followers of the moon and the lunar eclipses have studied these effects and this is where the creation of the Ladies Moonphase Watch came from.

Wit different faces, sizes and designs and even jeweled it has become one4 of the most sort after ladies time pieces available today
First discovered by Christian Van Der Klaauw who at a very young age already was obsessed with the stars and moon and wanted to and succeeded in spending his life in creating the prefect and amazing one of a king astronomically hand made time pieces ever. Making his first wristwatch only in the late 1990s but The Dutch watchmaker already starting making and designing Moonphase and astronomical time pieces and clocks in the early 1970s

Because of the Ladies Moonphase Watch have a 122.5 year accuracy compared to other time pieces only having a 2.5 year accuracy because of the Moonphase precise moon phase mechanisms, it so became the de facto standard in high quality and standards when time pieces was considered and also as most people don’t live that long it has become the perfect lifetime time piece to every man in the street who can afford it.

So these time pieces coming from the biblical age of sundial dial designs and old Egyptian and Arabic designs and followers are now the time piece to own an hand down form generation to generation.

A typical Moonphase is determined by the relative position of the mood , earth and the sun and the relative position of the moon to the sun and earth.

As the sun only lights on side of the moon , the moon does not generate it’s own light but depends on the sun to do that.

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