I’ve heard the name Shuffle Music mentioned in movies, but mostly as anecdotes in very inappropriate scenes of the movie (like just before a fight starts), so what is this all about.

Born in the eighties, as rave dancing to electronic music, and coming out of the Melbourne dance scene.

This dance is performed mostly out of moves that are a variant of the old running man style but with matching arm actions and your feet doing a more of a toe to heel shuffle known as the T-step.

Though the moves, feet shuffling outwards and inwards with arms thrusting side to side or up and down, are all in tune with the beat, it has been bam blasted by the “real ravers” and “techno heads” as an imitation of a rabbit on steroids high on acid!

With moves that include spinning in complete circles, jumping up and down (reminiscent to punk pogging), and slides.

This was very popular in the Melbourne clubs like Mercury Lounge, PHD, Viper, Two Tribes, Heat and Chasers.

The actual technique step by step:

Start with the T-step
Combine a variant of the Running Man
Shuffle feet randomly backward and forward, left and right
Flail arms in a flying motion up and down
Thrust arms left to right repeatedly
Spin in complete circles
Include some slides and jumps
All this to the beat of the music, in various combinations.

Some of these “rabbit dancers” sprinkle powder on the floor to make it easier to slip and slide.

Though very popular in the Melbourne scene, claims and negative talk have been surfacing on the social networks across the globe especially out of the Netherlands, the now Rave and Techno headquarters.

This negative talk, mostly from the DJs and attendees of the raves are quite upset with this “DruggedRabbits” who claim that they are not only on drugs (ACID) but are wrecking the civilized raves with these erratic moves.

But if you think about it, that is what raves are, as far as the disco or club dancers, hip hop and funk jazz dancers, and other more civilized normal dancing are concerned?

So whether you prefer the actual club scene where hip hop styled battle type of dancing is preferred, a funk-jazz melodic slow move scene or the erratic rave scene with circles of “Rabbits” battling each other in the center in the Shuffle Music world, I guess it’s each to its own?

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