Have you ever asked your self how do they get these amazing effects on characters in sci-fi and or horror movies?

Did you ever ask yourself, how do models at these gala events have such amazing combinations of costume and makeup effects?

Did you see a model with body paint that looks exactly like the product she or he is advertising and wonder how the heck did they do that?

Well, there is one plain and simple answer, and that is none other than Airbrush Makeup Kit.

Yes, the art form of turning your dream car into a work of art, has crossed over into the make up scene.

A good and well-stocked Airbrush Makeup Kit can turn any piece of skin into a work of art that can be displayed in any form.

The specially created skin-ink used in these kits, come in any color you need to create an unbelievable effect.

Advantages of using these kits in any form are:

VERSATILITY: With the variety of products to be used, you can use it on any skin surface to design anything that needs to be done. It can also be used on any artificial surface, for example, if a character in a movie needs to have prosthetic features made of latex, like a pixie ear, it can be sprayed to look like the rest of the body.

NON-PERMANENT: Though it can take a while to do a detailed full-body “paint job” it is not permanent, and the model can wash it off with ease and go on with the rest of her day like a normal person and just have the design redone the next day or event.

LONG LASTING: Though non-permanent, the inks used last as long as need be, with slight touch-ups here and there due to maybe sweating of external causes like clothes rubbing onto the design.

ON SURFACE: As this ink is not inserted into the skin, but onto it, it is much safer and easier to use as well as less chance of the wearer to have allergies related to the ink.

The makeup kits are an important tool in the movie business as the makeup artist has become one of the top, if not the first professional to be considered when making most movies today.

This is especially true when it comes to quality movies, as the better the cameras, the better it picks up imperfections visually, which means the make-up artist needs to do the best job possible by using the best possible tools available.

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