Wherever you go, termites tend to have a certain reputation. They’re the ‘creepy crawlies’ that cause havoc despite their size. Whether it’s attacking poles, creating ant mounds where nothing grows, they are undesirable. Unfortunately this is not a typical ‘Do It Yourself’ task through which you can save a dollar or two. Working with a reputable termite pest control Sydney company that specialises in providing industrial, domestic or commercial pest control services is the way forward.

Crop Protection

There are those instances when termites bore their tunnels under the ground. At first it’s not noticeable, but with time, mounds tend to form. Nothing will grow there until such a time when you exterminate the colony. The solution is to get rid of the ‘queens’ because they lay all the eggs that sustain the colony. A termite control company will do this for you easy and replenish land use where it had been rendered pointless.

Integrated Pest Management

This is whereby pest control is handled holistically. Rather than fumigating and getting rid of surface termite intrusions, integrated pest control goes to the root cause of the problem. Apart from killing the breeder termites, a pest control company can seal points of entry. The key objective here is to treat the problem once and for all.

Pre-construction Termite Control

Take control from the onset and invest in termite control the moment you start building your house or pegging your farm. This is what we call building on a foundation of stone! It is way cheaper to carry out pre-construction termite control than to do so years later when you realise you have a problem.

Mobile Service

Ever sat at home watching television and wished you had bought pizza on your way home. Then you think “Wait, the local pizza hut does deliveries.” Same applies with pest control. You want to be able to call a contractor on the go without having to drive around town. Nothing beats a 24 hour service, right?

Service Guarantees

Termites are more of a perennial problem. One moment they have you on the edge of your seats then the next there isn’t a termite for miles. Termites work in cycles. Normally their reappearance is triggered by certain factors, like the arrival of summer for example. A service guarantee from the pest control contractor is a much needed contractual clause. Besides reducing the cost of control measures, a service guarantee gives you the peace of mind of knowing that the exterminator is just a call away and at no extra cost. Plus, he will already know what he’s dealing with beforehand.

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