Even though choosing the right team building games for your employees may seem as easy as choosing games for a kids’ party, it is not so. The challenge of choice comes in because you are dealing with people of different personalities, work attitudes, skill sets, and professionals in different areas whose tastes and preferences are different. Therefore, because the purpose is to establish cordiality and improve interaction between colleagues, select a mix of games that each of them can play. In Australia, consider these four unique team building Australia games.

Plan for Boot Camps

This is a very exciting and interesting activity for team building. Apart from the interaction and having fun, there are many other elements you can come up with alongside having fun, such as survival tactics, team dynamics, and problem-solving techniques. Plan an outing for your employees and let them enjoy being away from the office and participate in activities, such as fitness related games.

Set Up an Indoor Photo Booth

Today, everyone enjoys taking photos. With the advanced camera specifications, taking photos has evolved from being a hobby to a profession. So, why not set up a photo booth at your office and let them enjoy taking pictures? Add some creativity by making teams or partners and let each team pose for pictures. The best photo wins and the participants are rewarded.

Plan for A Fun Cooking Day

In this case, it’s not important whether they know how to cook or not. Being together and having fun, and consequently strengthening the team is what is important. Create small teams, set food categories for them to pick, and the game begins. The team that wins is awarded. This culinary team activity can bring out other skills, such as leadership skills and a sense of responsibility that can be nurtured to benefit the company.

Hosting Sports or Board Games

Volunteer to host a sports or board games event on one weekend. Invite employees from other companies to participate. While such an event is healthy for the body and mind, it strengthens teams because it brings out a blend of companionship and healthy competition that creates bonds and eliminates the stress of work. Introverts also get an opportunity to interact and some of them even realize their hidden potentials.

Whatever team building Australia games you choose for your team in Australia, the purpose should be communicated clearly to the employees — to strengthen the team. Make sure they are games that everyone can participate actively. Put into consideration the female population you have and select games that both sexes can play.

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