TEFL Course Vietnam attracts many speakers and teachers of English level to earn their certificate in Vietnam. While people have the option to appear for TEFL course from anywhere, there are several benefits of TEFL Course Vietnam certification. Firstly when it comes to foreign location, none is as good as Vietnam to study and earn your TEFL course certificate. The cost of living is low in Vietnam, the people are easy going, the location is a spectacle of culture and art, and unlike other countries, if you prefer to take lessons before you attempt your TEFL certification, you will have to pay low fees for the classes and course.

If you get your TEFL certification in Vietnam, you are at an excellent position to land an excellent job as an English language teacher. The government of Vietnam place much emphasis on learning the language and on establishing English as the second language in the country and appreciate English teachers who want to shift and settle in the country to help students learn the language. It is the vision of the government that by 2020 the majority of the students will have the ability to read, write and speak English at an expert level. This vision opens up many doors for language teachers especially the English teachers who hold TEFL certifications as they can get good jobs at high salaries.

When compared to other countries like China or Thailand where competition is high for teaching jobs, and even TEFL certification has tough contestants, one will find TEFL programs in Vietnam are less competing, and it is easier to search for an ESL instruction job in Vietnam. Also, the teaching position is open all the time, so if you successfully get your TEFL certification, you will not have to wait for any hiring seasons and can straightaway apply for the jobs. There is a reason why many people from the west are moving and settling in Vietnam choosing English Language teaching as their profession as they get more benefits in Vietnam than in their countries. While one can even apply for certifications in their countries, but if you take the course in Vietnam and then apply for a teaching job, your chances of getting the job increases as many institutes to look out for professionals holding the TEFL course certification from Vietnam. You can book your test online or mark the test schedule of TEFL in Vietnam so you can be there for the exam and clear your test in Vietnam and applying or the teaching position at the same time.

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