Project management courses are useful in learning how to plan and manage projects. A project is 99% planning and 1% execution. Its planning phase requires identifying the goal, risks and issues related to it. The project manager has to set up the right team to execute the plan. Different types of tools are needed to manage a project. Students learn what types of tools should be used and how to use them. All these subjects are covered in this course.

The training course covers a wide range of subjects related to the project management. The terms project and program are used interchangeably but both are different. A program is a set of multiple projects. Each project consists of multiple tasks related to a common goal. The success of a project depends on successful completion of each task related to it. Any type of project has a defined goal, a specific timeline and a set budget. All tasks must be completed as required by the project goal. It must be completed within the set budget and timeline. Project management involves planning the project and then overseeing the execution of tasks related to it. There are different stages of a project and each stage must be completed as planned. Success of the project ensures success of the program for which it was planned.

Effective planning and solving problems encountered during the project execution are the factors that ensure success of a project. Just delivering the project on time is not sufficient; it must be delivered with quality. Projects that are completed before time, at less than the planned budget and without compromising the quality receive higher ratings. Students learn how to plan, control and manage different stages of a project.

The course starts with the fundamentals of this subject. The students learn how to identify the project goal. A project manager must have clear understanding of the issue being addressed. The manager decides what each team member has to do. It is not necessary that a project moves as planned. Some problems cannot be foreseen and become obvious only after the project process starts. A project manager should know how to handle such unforeseen problems to keep the project on track. It is here that the skills acquired during the study of this course prove useful.

Both online and offline project management courses are available. A student planning to attend a training institute, college or university should first verify its credential. The educational institution and its course must be recognized by the company, organization or government department where the student plans to apply for the job.

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