Water excursions become pleasant when you use the right outboard. Torqeedo electric outboards are designed to make your boat ride clean and quiet. Outboards up to 20 HP are available. The electric models do not release any pollution. These lightweight motors provide excellent torque and high performance. Do you need more power? Take a look at the electric drive system motor boats available as outboards.

Great Range and Maximum Efficiency

Get maximum energy efficiency with these outboards. You do not have to pollute the air and water to move on water. The drive development of a Torqeedo outboard delivers optimum efficiency. Expect high energy efficiency. An electric drive system must be efficient to deliver maximum power and range. The company has used latest high-tech manufacturing technologies to make the drives highly efficient. All drive train components have been aligned and optimized carefully. These improvements have reduced losses in gears, electronics, propeller and cables.

High Performance and Safety

If you want to enjoy the silent and efficient Torqeedo outboard, use its lithium battery. This powerful battery delivers more power per unit compared to other types of batteries. The company has been working on its batteries for several years and its latest lithium batteries deliver top performance. They are made for marine applications so you will get the best results. Special attention is paid to the safety. Your outing on water will be safe and enjoyable.

Plug and Play System

This is a big advantage of an electric outboard. Your boat drive will become simple, easy and smooth with electric power technology. The sustainable boat drives reduce your carbon footprint significantly. You get the best products for the money you spend. The plug and play system means you do not have to assemble anything before taking your boat to the water. The outboard is equipped with sensors and electronics. It is connected to the display and information system. You will keep receiving real-time information about the battery condition. The Torqeedo drive electric outboard comes with useful accessories, such as spare batteries, transport bags, tiller extensions, the smartphone app and others. Everything you need to use the motor has been provided.

Torqeedo drives do not cause any pollution. They do not release any toxic materials in the environment. Its products are designed to be sustainable, efficient and environment friendly. You get the best value for money when you buy these motors. Torqeedo electric outboards have sleek look and designed to meet the standard specifications of outboard motors.

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