Embroidered shoes are not a new concept. In earlier times, it was common for noblemen and women to custom embroider their shoes to match their outfits. In fact, the very first shoe designer could be considered as Francoise Pinet in the early 1885’s. He was the first shoe couturier who created custom promenade shoes that were matched to outfits and decorated with fine embroidery, jewels and pearls. The trend quickly spread all over Europe and Asia and hand embroidered flats were a must-have for fashionistas and royals. Of course, he was not the first person to actually embroider a shoe. Creating designs on shoes was a part of almost every culture from Asia to Europe. Each region had its own style and type of embroidery and they also used a range of precious and semi-precious gems in their embroidery patterns.

However, with the advent of machine stitching, shoe embroidery became a niche art that could be afforded only by the super-rich. Changing trends also resulted in shoe embroidery falling out of fashion.
However, as they say, fashion is cyclical and shoe embroidery is now back with a bang. Top designers like Chanel and Karl Lagerfield have already come up with top-of-the-line designs with unique heels and custom-created embroidery designs. For special occasions, designers are more than willing to create one-of-a-kind embroidery designs on shoes for special events like weddings and anniversaries. However, apart from high-end designs, it has become increasingly common for sneaker companies to create embroidered designs on simple sneakers. Companies like Converse and Vans have come up with trendy machine embroidered shoe lines. In fact, signature lines like the LeBron 12, the KDS7 and the Kobe 9 Elite are hot sellers simply because they offer a unique embroidered design on standard sneakers.

Machine shoe embroidery is now common. The design is uploaded into an embroidery machine and digitized with special embroidery software. A master technician selects colors and threads to be used on the finished product. Most machines can work on a range of clothing like shoes, T-shirts, caps, etc. to create a standardized pattern. Niche companies also offer personalized designs for customers. For example, smaller unique shoe companies offer personalized embroidery on shoes at no extra cost. If you are interested in shoe embroidery, you can get ready embroidery patches at a local tailor and glue them on to make embroidered flats or you can buy ready embroidered shoes online at affordable rates. We particularly recommend designs from Asia as they are affordable and colorful.

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