Save on Water Bills: With more and more countries privatizing “water ” supplies direct to your homes and not the selling of bottled water in stores but directly to your home via your water piping, the costs have risen so much that the only way to survive to save as much as possible. ( THIS IS ALL PART OF NWO – new world order – OR NOW KNOWN AS AGENDA 21)

Because this whole privatization process is part of the NWO, agenda 21, the man on the street can do nothing about it but try and save where we can and that’s it.

So here are some Save on Water Bills which have worked globally.

  • 1 – IF ITS BROWN FLUSH IT DOWN IF IT IS YELLOW LET IT MELLOW: many companies, strangely enough even hospitals, have taken on this policy where if your urinate (yellow) you don’t flush on;y when you defecate (brown).

Personally, I feel this is very unhygienic especially in hospitals because think of the number of diseases and medications the patients have, which also means in companies as many people also have diseases and or illnesses and take medications for it, and how does your body get rid of this diseases and medications by-products? BY URINATING, and that is my reason behind not agreeing with this although many people use it.

  • 2 – A BRICK IN THE CISTERN OR ADJUST THE FLOAT: by putting a brick in your cistern tank or bending your float arm down you can control, how much water is in the cistern tank when you flush and then you don’t need number one above.

Or you can just buy the new smaller cistern tanks and install that, but this obviously only works with DIY if it is a cistern tank and not the one that is built into the wall directly connected to the water pipe, for that you need a plumber to control.

  • 3 – DON’T WASH YOU CAR USE A BUCKET ONCE A WEEK: don’t use the hose-pipe to wash your car use a bucket you will save a lot, or just leave it dirty and write on the dirt ” DOING MY BIT TO SAVE WATER “
  • 4 – DON’T BE SCARED OF USED WATER: always save all water used for washing dishes. clothing and even from your dishwasher.

Connect en extra pipe to all those drain outlets ( even washbasin ) and catch it and use for watering garden, wash your car, or fill your toilet cistern

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