In a world of smartphones, tablets, and Google, losing your contacts or having irrelevant ones is the last thing you want or need. Knowing how to import, save, and restore Google contacts is a great place to get started in remedying these issues. We will look at a few of them below.

1. Backing up contacts

There are many kinds of circumstances that can cause you to lose your contacts. Theft or having your phone reformatted are two examples which readily spring to mind. In either case, having your phone contaçts backed up using Google contacts cloud storage feature is great. This way, not only are you able to keep your contacts even if you do not have your phone, you are able to access your contacts wherever you are in the world, so long as an Internet connection is available through WiFi or data.

2. Pruning your contact list

As far as having irrelevant or outdated contact information is concerned, Google Contacts proves to be a wonderful resource that helps users prune their contact list. Through Google Contacts, users can keep their list updated with the relevant information. Additionally, there are feaþres that allow for automatic updates when changes have been made to the source file (that is, the address contacts in your phone or other localised device).

3. Restore Google Contacts

There are several circumstances under which restoring Google contacts may become particularly important. One such instance includes updates that one wants to have reversed. In such instances, simply selecting the option to have changes made within a given time period (such as the last 30 days) reversed can be utilised. This option is found under the cancel modification tab in the settings menu.

Secondly, there may be a need to restore contacts after an accidental deletion. In such cases, using the option to reverse recent changes (mentioned above) may prove to be useful. This way the deleted contact information will be restored. It is important to remember that if this option is used, that all changes will be reversed and not just the accidentally deleted file restored. As such, you may be required to redo the changes made that you did, in fact, wish to keep.

Of course, being as smart as they are, the goodly folks at Google ensured that we would not have to lose those changes that we do wish to keep. As such, they ensured that we can choose to restore itemised options instead of merely undoing everything. This allows us to keep the changes we want while reversing the ones we wish to do away with.

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