If you’re looking for custom dash covers for your car, you’ve come to the right place. Dash mats are vacuum-molded covers that protect your vehicle’s dashboard from UV rays, fading, and chipping. These covers are also made of a rigid plastic that’s molded to the dashboard in four colors. These dashboard covers even come with a silicone tube that fits around the center of the dash, so they’re completely affixed to the dashboard.

DashMat Original Cover in Black

Regardless of the car you own, a DashMat can protect it from damage caused by dirt and UV rays. Not only will this cover protect your dash from cracking and fading, but it will also keep the interior cooler in the sun. DashMat Original Cover in Black is made to perfectly fit your vehicle’s dash. Custom logos and monogramming are available as well.
Made of soft fiber carpet, the Original DashMat Dashboard Cover will not scratch, rip, or fray. The DashMat Original Cover in Black features a hemmed edge that matches the color of your dash. These covers can last for years and are perfect for drivers who drive for long hours on the road. You can choose between a variety of colors to match your car’s interior.


If you want your car to stand out from the rest, consider purchasing a new dash cover. Original DashMat(r) covers are designed in the U.S. and manufactured in Mexico. They are built to look good and last a long time. These items ship via ground service and are not eligible for discounts or expedited shipping. However, if you want a custom dash cover with embroidered or custom monogramming, you can choose to order one from a custom shop.

The DashMat custom dash covers is an excellent way to protect the dash from fading due to UV rays and heat. Custom-made of the highest quality materials, DashMat dashboard covers are designed to fit every make and model. Plus, they come with a lifetime warranty for your satisfaction. This product will improve the look of your vehicle and keep it looking great for years to come. You can even order a customized dash mat for your company’s logo.


Protect your car’s dash with a Coverking Poly-Carpet Dash Cover. The protective cover keeps out harmful ultraviolet rays, helps reduce dangerous windshield glare and keeps the interior cooler in the sun. These covers are perfect for hot weather!

First, they are designed to fit your dashboard perfectly. The Coverking Molded Dash Cover features no stitching and is made from a thermoformed carpet material. As a result, this cover will not warp or stretch over time. The Coverking Velour Dash Cover also covers the area behind the back seats. And because each cover is molded to fit your exact dashboard, it will last a lifetime. Once fitted, it will fit your car perfectly!

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