We live in a diverse world and workplaces in different parts of the world reflect this diversity. However, diversity in the workplace is not all about race or skin color. In real sense, workplace diversity includes differences in age, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and ethnic origin. Workplace diversity also refers to citizenship status, race, physical condition, and the social background of the workers in a particular organization. Diversity includes how individuals identify themselves and how other people within the group perceive them. From the foregoing, it is clear that managing workplace diversity is a tall order. However, there are great benefits for organizations that promote diversity in the workplace and these advantages include the ones below.

A Larger Talent Pool

When you recruit people from diverse backgrounds, you attract talented people to your organization. This is because the most competent and qualified people want to work for an organization that treats employees well. If your company has a solid reputation as an equal opportunity employer, the best people always will want to work for you.

Enhances International Operations

Companies that offer their goods and services to foreign markets will do well to employ people from diverse backgrounds. This is because multi-lingual employees can help you attract international customers to your business. Marketing experts claim that foreign customers are more comfortable with people who speak their language and will readily do business with people from the same cultural and social background.

How to Manage Workplace Diversity

The best way to manage workplace diversity is to give all your workers a sense of belonging. Your company should have specific policies on diversity. In addition, your company handbook should document details of your firm’s non-discrimination policy. This way, your employees know exactly where they stand. Other things you should do include the following:

Encourage Employees to work in Diverse Groups

Do not let your workers form mini cliques along racial or ethnic lines. Instead, you should encourage them to work in diverse groups because this will enhance cultural understanding promote unity in diversity.

Treat Employees as Individuals

As an employer, you should avoid taking decisions based on preconceived notions about the backgrounds of your employees. Treat all our employees as individuals and judge their successes and failures on individual merit. This way, you give everybody in the organization a sense of belonging.


Encouraging diversity in the workplace is the way to go. Diversity creates a rich workplace community, enhances international business, and fosters innovation and creativity.

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