An increasing number of people is suffering heart attacks due to their unhealthy lifestyles, lack of exercise, poor diets, and higher levels of stress. This is why there is a growing need of good information about preventive cardiology Sydney today.

According to The Heart Foundation, heart disease will become the bigger cause of death throughout the world by 2020.

Traditionally, men always suffered the most with heart disease. As more and more women entered the workforce, they have also experienced a decrease in their overall quality of life and their levels of heart disease are also increasing.

Risk Factors

According to Time magazine, the biggest risk factors for a cardiac arrest are: lack of exercise, poor diet, overweight, genetic predisposition, and even the body’s circadian rhythms.

Some other illnesses that contribute to heart attacks are: artery blockages due to high cholesterol, clotting system disorders, artery inflammation, and chest trauma. Lack of sleep is also connected to heart attacks.

Preventing Heart Disease

The best way to avoid cardiovascular disease (and weight problems, and pre-diabetes, and lack of sleep, and anxiety attacks, and high blood pressure, among so many other diseases) is to exercise regularly.

That does not mean you will become a gym rat. All you need is to perform a moderate physical activity during 20-30 minutes four times a week. Just enough to make you sweat. The types of exercise that will help you are fast walking, running, cycling, swimming, and so on. All these exercises are beneficial in the long run and help you strengthen your heart.

Another simple measure you can take that has great importance is to drink water throughout the day. Soda pops do not count as liquid ingestion due to the great amount of artificial substances and carbohydrates. You need to drink good old H2O and keep hydrated to help your blood flow throughout your body. The best way to judge whether you are hydrated enough, or not, is the color of your urine: if it is transparent, you are hydrated. If it is yellow, then you need to drink more water.

Smoking shouldn’t need be mentioned. Give it up already. The nicotine constricts your blood vessels and makes your heart work harder.

Heart Disease Symptoms

Leg cramps during walking is a symptom of dehydration. When they happen while you are walking, that indicates the arteries in your legs being clogged up by high cholesterol. This happens as a result of not enough oxygen reaching the cells in your legs.

Chest pain is caused by inadequate oxygen supply to the coronary artery or the heart muscle for the same reasons as the leg cramps.

Shortness of breath, dizziness, and loss of conscience are all cause by similar blood flow issues, but they all indicate a more developed stage of poor heart condition.

If you have any of these symptoms, go see a cardiology Sydney .

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