Digital storytelling classes or workshops are an excellent way to teach students how to create digital works of art and literature. Digital stories allow everyday individuals to share various aspects of their stories with others through digital technology. Digital stories are often more engaging and compelling than traditional print stories and are often more easily shared online. The term “dynamic digital storytelling” can also encompass a broad range of digital non-fiction projects (online articles, blogs, web pages, animations, and visual presentations); however, the most popular form of digital storytelling is video. A digital storytelling class can teach kids how to make a simple video about a certain subject or theme and edit the video for length, style, and impact.

The value of digital storytelling as an educational tool cannot be underestimated. It’s especially useful for teaching social media skills. Social media marketing, including the viral nature of the Internet, has produced a new set of consumers willing to spend money on anything that seems interesting or is being marketed by an attractive character. Learning digital stories and distributing digital stories to a targeted audience is one way to tap into this lucrative market.

In the past, digital storytelling was most commonly used for short story collections or for teaching younger generations how to create digital stories using video and animation. As technology has advanced, digital storytelling software has improved. Now it’s possible to learn digital storytelling using state-of-the-art digital cameras, laptops, and even tablets. It’s possible to use a new digital camera program to make any short story, novel, or magazine article. As technology improves, so do the digital story making tools.

As digital media continues to develop, digital storytelling workshops will continue to grow in value. Digital media allows people to experience a different form of storytelling. This is because digital tools allow them to control the content they create. They can change the ending, music, or the beginning of a video. Because the end product is digital, it’s much easier to edit, re-create, or share digital media with others.

Classes at the local community college also offer a digital story workshop for students who would like to teach others. In this workshop, students will watch digital stories produced by others and communicate new ideas to others. Digital story workshops provide an easy way for students to learn about the latest digital technologies, such as how they work and the technology they’re using to tell those stories. These programs also provide techniques for telling exciting new media stories in a fun and engaging way.

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