Gone are the days when pregnancy meant sitting all day in front of the TV and over-eating until you double your weight. Studies have shown that staying fit benefits both the mother and the baby, as long as it is done in moderation according to the woman’s history and abilities. For example, a long-time runner is unlikely to sit still at home for the whole nine months of gestation. Their body is fully adapted to the activity so they may be able to run with caution and preparation.

Talk to Your Doctor about Your Fitness Plan

Before going out and pounding pavement, it would be ideal if you could talk to your doctor about your fitness plan. Every pregnancy is different. If yours is precarious with complications, then it might not be advisable to be running but you may be able to get consent for other forms of activity such as silicone gripped leggings. If you ever feel pain or experience bleeding during or after exercise, then stop and inform your doctor to determine the next steps.

Get Comfortable Exercise Outfits

Your body will change as the months roll by. You will need to get exercise outfits that will keep you comfortable despite your bulging belly and increasing weight. This means using cushioned running shoes that will reduce the impact on your joints and silicone gripped leggings that will stay in place despite vigorous movements. You might also want to start using nursing sports bras with adjustable straps as this will continue to be handy once the baby is born. Use a loose and breathable top for comfort. Bring your phone so you can call someone in case of emergency and take pictures when you encounter something nice along the way.

Plan Your Route and Your Pace

You should dial down the intensity now that you are carrying a baby in your belly. This means slowing down to a more comfortable pace that won’t leave you huffing and puffing afterwards. Your heart rate should be steady. You should be able to talk or sing as you go. If you can’t, then reduce your pace. Some might even need to walk to satisfy the conditions. Plan your route well for ease and safety. Avoid hilly streets for now because they are hard to tackle. If you cannot avoid them, then be sure to walk up and down. Just run on the flats. Try not to wander too far from your house or your car. Having a running partner would be ideal.

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