You will first need a prototype circuit board when developing an electronic product. Before you can use a PCB in your product, you have to test its design and functions thoroughly. The board goes through several iterations to eliminate flaws, compatibility issues, power problems, impedance issues, magnetic issues, and other problems. Even the size of the PCB may be in conflict with the sizes of other parts. How do you avoid such problems? A prototype is what you need to avoid such flaws and issues becoming a part of the final PCB. Take support from a prototype printed circuit board fabricator that is reliable and trusted.

High-Quality Standards

Just because it is a prototype used only during the initial testing phase, it does not mean you have to manage with a low-quality PCB. Go for the best quality PCB even if it is for the prototype purpose only. Contact an established PCB making company that carries quality certifications. This type of company has an in-house department for quality control tests. It will put your prototype board through various tests to ensure it complies with the high PCB industry standards.

Quick Turnaround

It is a big advantage when you deal with a professional circuit board maker. Most prototype PCBs are delivered within 5-7 days. The standard PCB making can take 7-15 days but the prototypes are delivered quickly. Your team may have to do further iterations and tests. The prototype board may reveal technical flaws. It will necessitate changing the design and other features of the PCB. Place the order for your prototype to a company that offers quick turnaround prototyping services.

All Types of Possibilities

You can get your prototype made with many features. You are not limited to basic PCB models. Your prototype can be made exactly the way you will finally use it in your product. From 1 to 8 layer PCBs can be made. You can order as low as 5 pieces and as high as 100 pieces even for the prototype boards. The material is usually FR-4. The board size can be minimum 6 x 6 mm and a maximum 500 x 500 mm. The board size tolerance can be +/- 0.1 mm to +/- 0.3 MM. The board thickness can vary from 0.4 mm to 2 mm. Copper weight ranging from 1 oz to 2 oz is possible.

All such features and specifications are possible even with the prototype PCBs. Whether you have only the idea for the product or full PCB schematic, the prototype circuit board fabricator can help make your prototype board as per your specifications. Call now to receive the quote.

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