Many consumers have chosen to focus more attention on the best natural skin care products because of issues they have with conventional ingredient lists. Our global eco-movement has encouraged the manufacturing of natural skin care products made of healthy ingredients that are non toxic. We now pay more attention of what is absorbed into our bodies and organs and which manufacturers do not contribute to air, water or food pollutions.

You might wonder, if these wonderful skin care products are so readily available, why aren’t the majority of consumers using them?

Many consumers have no idea that conventional skin care products contain questionable chemicals. The FDA does not regulate all of our hygiene products and their ingredients for safety before their release and the FDA has no legal authority to require safety assessments of these products, unless they claim to perform a scientific purpose. This leaves the consumer unaware of the potential dangers. For some of these very reasons, natural and organic skin care are now gaininSg everyone’s attention.

The FDA wants the ingredients to be safe, but its authority is limited. Manufactures are not always required to list the toxic ingredients on the product label, even though these chemicals may permeate the skin and are found in the body. These same ingredients pollute the water supplies and set off alarms however they remain in toiletries for everyone to freely use.

Did you know that many chemicals used in conventional skin care products are carcinogenic? Did you know that many of those well known products you use contain chemicals the FDA regulates? Why would you want to use a product that contains an addendum in laymen’s terms to “not use too much?” What happens if I use “too much” and why would a manufacturer place that in my skin care product?

There are so many loopholes in protecting consumers from ingredients in cosmetics and skin care products. If you find something labeled “fragrance” you have no idea what chemicals are lumped together under that term. The same goes for other proprietary names and “other” ingredients.

The law allows a manufacturer to ask the FDA to grant “trade secrets” status for particular ingredients. If trade secret is granted to the manufacturer, the ingredient does not have to be listed on the label.

As consumers become educated and go “green”, awareness is becoming more widespread. More consumers are tracking down the real ingredient list and learning how to identify toxic chemicals they want to avoid.

Skin care products that are all natural give us a choice to become chemical-free and expose our skin to wholesome products that are mild and gentle. With these type of products, you know exactly what you’re using and can rest-assured that it won’t harm you.

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