Who can resist hamsters? These furry cuties are among the most popular pets all over the world. Unlike dogs and cats, they are much smaller and more manageable. You can have several of them at a time without being overwhelmed, especially since they all live in a confined space. Cleanup is pretty easy and quick to do. They do not need constant care and attention. Just fill up their water and food containers so they don’t go hungry. If you have friends who are crazy about hamsters, then consider giving them an appropriately themed gift on their special day. Here are some options for your crazy hamster gifts:


This is the obvious choice for most. The shirt can be printed with fun slogans and adorable graphics. Your friends can wear them proudly when they go to the pet store to purchase new supplies or a local gathering of hamster keepers. Of course, they can also don these cute tops wherever they want. Who knows? They might bump into a fellow hamster-lover and strike up a conversation. You might even like these so much that you’ll buy one for yourself.


How about a coffee mug with the delightful rodent on display? It can certainly help to start your day right. Take sips from the mug while you inspect your pets before going to school or to the office. Or take it with you so that you will have a perennial reminder of your pets on your desk. They will never be far away while you drink your favorite beverage. If nothing else, the lighthearted print will probably make you smile even when you’re all stressed out.


If wearing a hamster shirt is too loud for you, then tone it down by simply using a pin. The advantage of this is that you can take it with you every day. It is small enough to be carried anywhere you go. Pin it on your shirt or your bag. Show some love for your pets with this small gesture. Those who aren’t into them will probably not even notice, while fellow enthusiasts will quickly spot it and give a knowing glance.


People are not the only ones who can dress up and accessorize with a hamster theme. Even the home can be decorated to show some love for the beloved pets. Among the possible crazy hamster gifts are plaques that announce their presence. This could be placed on the door to welcome the guests, in the living room, or wherever the little critters are.

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