Online press release distribution is great for small businesses who want to get their information out to their audience. As a business, this will help you meet your goals, boost your sales, and get more leads. There are some things you can do to maximize your efforts here.

Include Images and Videos

When you include images in your press release it’s 700% more likely to be picked up by the media. Video will make it 1,400% more likely to be picked up by the media. This is because with videos and images journalists have a more well-rounded and engaging story to share with their audience.

This is why you want to find press release distribution services that don’t charge you to attach a video or an image. You may also be tempted to email these types of files to journalists but you have to be careful when doing so because some journalists get a lot of emails each day and so they get annoyed when their inbox is filled with these attachments. A better way of doing this is to publish these files on a website and tell journalists where they’re located. Doing so makes their email light and scannable which shows that you respect their space and time.

Target Outlets That Reach Your Audience

You’ll want to find distribution services that allow you access to the right type of audience. For instance, if your audience’s demographics include Twitter users you should look for outlets that also target this demographic. On the other hand, when you’re trying to target local or specific areas you’ll want to look for those press release distribution services that also cover these areas.

Target Journalists Not Newsrooms

Instead of sending your press release to a generic email make sure you send it to a journalist whom you think would be interested in covering it. When you do so, make sure you include a pitch explaining why you think they’ll find your story valuable.


Your online press release distribution strategy won’t only benefit you but it’ll also make journalists’ jobs easier. This is great because your press release will then get more attention. It all starts with choosing the right service. From there you must carefully target your release, take some time to track its results, and even after you’ve distributed your press release you’ll still need to take some time to promote it. While all of this seems like a lot of effort the ROI will ultimately be worth it.

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