Before you can go ahead with the full production of your PCB, you need a prototype board with all components soldered and assembled on it. Contact a specialist prototype PCB assembly service company. Its engineers and technicians will ensure you receive the highest quality prototype PCBs. These prototypes will match the final PCBs accurately. You will get fast turnaround time and flexible assembly service. It can make 1-25 prototype boards at short notice.

High Quality Assurance
When you contact an experienced PCB making company, you are assured of high quality PCBs even if it is for the prototyping purpose. You will get support of a team that includes professionals having expertise and experience in different types of PCBs. They can take a highly complex circuit design and convert it into a prototype board that delivers the best results. The professional assembly workmanship comes with guarantee. There is no question of any error or defect entering the prototype board. Check the photos and video of the modern PCB making assembly line. You can see the advanced devices that will be used to make your prototypes.

Turnkey Services Even for the Prototypes
Even when you are ordering a prototype board, you can take advantage of the Turnkey PCB assembly service. Under this plan, the PCB company will supply the required components. It takes a big burden off your shoulders. You do not have to worry about arranging different types of electronic components for such a small requirement. The PCB company regularly sources components from different vendors so it knows how to source difficult to find components. The same parts will be used when you order your final production run PCBs.

Fast Online Ordering Service
Place your prototype order online and get the quote immediately. Get quotes for prototype board fabrication, prototype PCB assembly service, and other prototype manufacturing options. Reduce the cost of PCB fabrication by ordering online. Once you have placed the order and supplied the design file, your prototype boards will be manufactured and assembled to high precision. These boards will meet the latest international PCB standards.

A regular PCB manufacturer understands the importance of prototype PCBs. It ensures faster delivery of the prototypes so you can avoid delays in your product development. The turnaround time for the prototypes is just 24-48 hours. All these boards are passed through stringent quality checks to eliminate all types of defects and flaws. You will receive high quality PCBs that will work as planned.

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