Whether you’re looking for the perfect office bookshelves for a home or business, there are some great options out there. There are also a few different styles to choose from. These include minimalist, color-coordinated, and custom-built.


Putting color-coordinated office bookshelves in your home office is a great way to bring vibrancy and style to your space. It will also help your children find their favorite books. However, you should use this method as a last resort.

While it is a fun challenge, color coordination can be a tedious process. You may have to ask lots of questions, and you may end up with a collection of Penguins that won’t all fit.

You can create an ombre effect by putting dark book jackets on the bottom of the shelf and light book jackets on top. You can also break up the space between different styles by putting art on the shelves.

Another way to organize your books is by subject. You could arrange books by topic, by alphabetical order, or by color. You could also use a stacking system to make the best use of your vertical space. You could place an extra shelf at the top to store smaller items.


Creating a minimalist office has its perks. You can make use of a wainscotting to maximize the wall space you have, and you can even put a faux animal skin rug on the floor. You can also incorporate the best of both worlds by combining a desk with a laptop table and a low-lying couch. You can add a nice big borderless mirror beside the doorway to round out the look.

The best part about creating a minimalist office is the fact that you can make use of the space around you to do the things you enjoy. In terms of furniture, you can choose from a sturdy medium oak desk, a light greyish sofa, and a simple chair. If you are looking to get creative, you can even have a curved pole lamp placed in the corner.

Mix of heights

Having a nice set of office bookshelves can be a real joy. These can be used to display decor items as well as books. The trick is to balance the two. There are a few things to keep in mind when styling your bookshelves.

First, it’s not necessary to have a large number of shelves. A small collection of books in a neatly organized layout is a rule of thumb. In terms of decor, don’t be afraid to play around with a bit of color. You can go with a single color or several different shades, all tied together by a strong color scheme. For example, an apple green color scheme keeps built-ins family-friendly.

Second, you want to display a collection of books that are of comparable size and weight. Larger items should be placed at the bottom, and smaller items should be on the upper shelves.

Decorate with collectibles

Using a bookcase to display collectibles is a great way to show off your wares. You can even make it the focal point of your living room. And you don’t have to be a literary buff to appreciate the value of a well-chosen book collection.

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