For many years, I have held a strong belief that becoming a practicing nurse will give me the kind of fulfillment that I have always wanted. I understand that giving back to the community is something so critical in the life of a professional and that nursing will provide me a rare opportunity to change lives and improve livelihoods of people. I have been pushed to have passion for this field for various reasons, but two stand out prominently as documented in my nursing personal statement.

Firstly, my life as a young person taught me that caring for people is something that everybody must focus on while on the earth and that nursing is one such area that will allow me this rare moment to deliver directly to the society. Secondly, I have come to realize that the medical field and particularly the nursing sub-sector have a promising future, especially because of the growing demand for nursing practitioners.

These scenarios have made me to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse someday. Presently, I am enrolled in a nursing program and I plan to further my career in nursing after which I hope to make significant contributions to the field and also to the God’s creation.

By getting this scholarship, I shall have a unique opportunity to enhance my skills and helping me advance a step further towards achieving my career and education goals. I shall not only have fulfilled my dream but also be able to demonstrate my unyielding love and passion to care for the vulnerable people in hospitals and homecare settings.

I fully understand that having a nursing personal statement is one thing and practicing is another so I am focused on ensuring that I turn my theoretical and practical training into realities by interning and practicing in some of my home nursing and hospital environments. Besides, I shall use my excellent communication skills, problem-solving skills and organizational skills to better my practice as a competent and highly reputable nurse. In addition, I shall leverage my analytical skills as well as unrivaled people-skills since I am aware that nursing practice is all about working with and for the people. I have researched your university and other colleges and I have come to conclude that your institution is best suited to give me the kind of training and skills that are needed in the job market and in the business world.

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