Michigan Legal Services allows you to get specific legal services at affordable prices. You can contact an attorney who practices in the area of law that you need. You can also get a financial planner who is an expert in Michigan Limited Liability Companies and Bankruptcy. There are also free bankruptcy classes for those who have an existing bankruptcy in their past.

Legal Services and Plan You Can Access in Michigan

For clients who do not qualify and are ineligible for the attorney-based plan, there is the Personal Injury Protection under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDPA) as well as the Unfair Treatment and Worker’s Compensation (UWPC) protection under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). There are also free legal services for low-income families through the Michigan Low-Income Property Tax Assistance program (MLIPTA). For people who have been diagnosed with a debilitating or incurable medical condition, the state of Michigan offers a Medical Assistance Plan (MIP), which is funded in part by the Michigan Medicaid program.

Plan Attorney Options

For disabled persons, a plan attorney can represent their interests in a variety of matters. The plan allows an individual to claim benefits when they cannot earn money for various reasons. The Disabled Person’s Income Protection (DPA) allows a participant to receive benefits based on net income from work. The partial benefit provides for a monthly income while the individual is receiving vocational rehabilitation assistance. An advocate with the Michigan Disability Lawyer’s office can help participants understand the specifics of their particular situation.

Claim Evaluation and Benefit Services

Another area of expertise that an attorney with personal legal services experience can provide claims evaluation and retirement benefits. One of the most common questions asked by participants in the State of Michigan’s Medigap plan is whether or not they will be eligible for Medicare benefits. If a person becomes disabled, they may become eligible for Medicare benefits, regardless of their income, health status, or insurance. However, the process for enrollment can be very complicated, and the Michigan Legal Services Association can offer advice and assistance to those who are filing.

Medicare Attorney

Private attorneys representing Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries can also help participants navigate the complex rules regarding the Exclusions of Medicaid. For instance, a benefit included in a participant’s rental property contract may not apply if the property is used for business purposes, as that would fall under the residential exclusion. A benefit that applies only for the owner and no other tenants might not apply if the rental property is rented regularly. Again, a Medicaid and Medicare attorney representing a participant in this situation can assist with these matters and can review other potential benefit exclusions with the help of a trained representative.

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