Are you looking for an easy to install and maintenance-free system to manage the watering needs of your garden and lawn? These requirements can be handled easily by using Tempus Smart Controller. Made with top-quality materials, this equipment helps conserve water. You can control the amount of water supplied to different parts of your garden and lawn. Various models of controllers and timers are offered by this company for different applications.

Features of the Controllers

These controllers have simple interface, menu system and shortcut buttons. You get quick access to most used functions. The buttons are easy to use and marked properly. The interface indicates water flow, schedules, adjust water option and review. You can move left, right, up and down while programming the controller. The middle button is to accept the selected option. Use the advanced button for more options. Press the home button to reach the home page immediately. Get help by pressing the help button. Press the power button to switch the system on or off. The display shows all data clearly and it has the backlight to show the details clearly even in the dark area.

Smart System

This is the benefit of using this type of controller. It is different from the manual and old electronic timers that could handle only basic timing functions. This is a smart device that can do a lot more on its own. With its cloud connection, it offers immediate access to all its operations, data and functions wirelessly. Some devices have only manual functions but can be upgraded to the smart system by adding the smart receiver. Once connected to the network, you can program and check the controller data even from other locations.

Residential and Commercial Applications

The device is designed for both residential and basic commercial requirements. It can handle basic irrigation functions of small gardens and lawns. Use water efficiently at your premises by using this simple, effective and affordable solution. Keep your grass and plants green. Protect your lawn system by supplying only the required amount of water to it. No water is wasted in the irrigation process. You will see savings in your water consumption.

Do not waste water when such a simple and affordable device is available. Use Tempus Smart Controller to see all these advantages and more. It can be paired with many other systems offered by the same company to increase its functionality. Buy all required devices and parts at the same time so you can connect everything and get the system working immediately.

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