The beauty industry has been promoting the use of magnetic eyelashes for quite some time. Magniplasty, as it is popularly known, is a cosmetic procedure that involves increasing the length and thickness of one’s eyelashes. If you would like to increase your eyelashes‘ length and thickness, you should visit your cosmetic surgeon. He or she will be able to examine your eyelashes and suggest the best option for you.

One of the options that your surgeon may suggest is a metallic liner. This is usually one of two kinds. One is composed of a series of thin strips that are connected. They lie parallel to one another on each side of the eye. The other kind consists of a series of sheets of metal that have been heat-treated. The metallic liner, once applied, pulls the eyelashes towards one side.

A second option your cosmetic surgeon may recommend is a magnetic double lash strip. This is a popular solution used in salons and by professional hairdressers. It works by pulling the natural lashes from one side of the eye. After they are pulled taut, they are folded over the lower part of the lashes. These magnetic eyelashes provide more natural lashes and are significantly less expensive than metallic ones.

If you are thinking about magnetic eyelashes as an alternative to falsies, the bottom line is that there is no glue involved. That’s right. No glue! Because the magnets do not cling to the eyelashes or the eyelids, there is no chance of tearing or ripping.

Another option that your doctor may suggest is the use of fake lashes. These false lashes are typically made of synthetic materials and can be found at most major department stores. They typically have the appearance of real eyelashes but are not natural. On the other hand, magnetic eyelashes are composed entirely of natural proteins and can be worn as replacements for natural lashes. The only downfall to the fake lashes is that it requires daily maintenance to ensure they stay in place.

The use of magnetic eyelashes has been approved by the FDA. Although these eyelashes cannot promise that one will obtain permanent results, they can certainly increase the chances of having your eyelashes fall out and fall out in time to achieve your desired look. When properly applied and maintained, magnetic lashes offer many benefits. In addition to the improved natural look that magnetic lash users are striving for, they also offer the convenience of never needing mascara again.

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