Which accessories to choose to appear tall? Always wear thin belts like the model and avoid the large wide belts. The mini models are perfect for highlighting the life of the body, the double belts instead break the figure and make it lower.

Choose long scarves to drape around the neck, Custom Beanies or long necklaces, like those pointing downwards, such accessories guide the eye along a vertical line making the body seem longer.

Every woman loves maxi bags in which to put practically anything, short women should avoid bags over which reduce the perceived height, better to show off mini models, like the clutch or a medium bag with handles and Custom Beanies.

High heels are cross and delight for all women. How many times – seeing a star on TV, a model on the catwalk or just the neighbor walking on a stylish items – did you dream of being able to wear them too? With a bit of determination and believing more in your femininity, you can certainly allow yourself your stiletto heels, without having to resign yourself to a perennial life in dancers.

The first step is to get those blessed trampoline shoes out of the boxes; you know, a woman with a heel is a sexier woman. This is what men think, but especially women. That’s why, since adolescence, it becomes the worry of all. The heels, yes, firm up the legs, give the walk a sensual course, yet there is a but: if you don’t know how to stay on 12 cm you become ridiculous, with the risk even of staggering.

Remember well: the important thing is to start getting used to, it’s all a question of exercise. Start wearing them at home and – when your foot gets used to being looser – risky going out to do small errands.

Remember to keep your head high, belly in, chest out and back straight, avoiding the hump effect, which is never a pretty sight. Try to move slowly, haste is your enemy, especially in the early days when you are not yet familiar with it.

If you walk slowly, in addition to not working too hard, the gait will be decidedly more sensual and – note – it is the pelvis that marks the rhythm. The Custom Beanies and shoes must be of the right number and the fingers must not slide in front or overlap one another.

Among other useful and equally sexy devices for standing out on high heels, there are flats. They simplify life as they distribute pressure throughout the arch and reduce the height difference between the forefoot and the back of the foot.

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