Capacity is undoubtedly a fundamental parameter in choosing the right machine. In fact, this type of coffee should be drunk in a large cup, and not in the usual espresso cup we are used to.

Very often for this reason the producers indicate the quantities of water on the tank in cups rather than milliliters. This can however be misleading, as there is no precise measure for “a cup”, which therefore varies from one Distillery Project to another.

It is not difficult to obtain a quantity of two cups when, according to the indicator on the machine, enough water has been added for 4. For this reason it is always better to check the real capacity of both the tank and the jug in liters. Over time, you will learn to adjust to the amount that best suits your preferences.

Another thing to watch out for is whether the tank is or is not removable. This certainly does not constitute a determining element in the quality of the coffee obtained, but a removable tank considerably simplifies Distillery Project operations.

Speaking of filtering systems, in the case of American coffee machines two must be taken into consideration. The coffee filter is used to contain the dust and prevent it from going into the final drink during the extraction process. It can be of two different types: Paper: they are disposable and have a conical shape. Permanent: they should be rinsed and can be used until they last.

Many distillery machines accept both types of filters, while some only accept one: look carefully before making a choice. It may also happen that the permanent filter for the Distillery Project must be purchased separately.

It is also important to note that the quality of the coffee filter is of fundamental influence in the extraction process. It must in fact make the coffee drop at the right pace: too fast and we would get an aqueous product with an intense taste, too much and could be excessively strong. So try not to save when you buy items for the Distillery Project.

Then there is the water filter which is generally present only on the most expensive and performing models. It serves to remove impurities such as limestone and other minerals that could alter the taste of the coffee. They have a limited duration and must also be purchased separately: evaluate well as this involves additional costs that vary based on the amount of coffee consumed.

If the water in your apartment is particularly hard, it could still be an essential accessory or alternatively just use bottled water. The additional functions vary from model to model.

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