Hair colour is undoubtedly an area of focus for many ladies today and experts have predicted that a majority of the women will be going in for bolder, solid colours. Also chunky highlights, vivid hues will be making headline in the coming days. Whether you choose to stick to your past colours (perhaps because they still look pretty and easy to wear), ladies hair colour experts agree that whichever colour you choose should certainly be healthy. Your hair is expected to look rich, well cared for, luxurious regardless of whether you choose a deep chocolate, blonde or any colour in between.

Here are some hair colour trends to look out for in 2020 and beyond:

Solid Colour: There’s a growing trend towards acceptance of solid colours such as brown, black, blondes and red, which is contrary to the traditional balayage or other blended colours that have reigned for years. Today, many hair makers are preparing solid colours that are less strong as deep black or red but which are focused more on achieving greater shine and gloss. A well-conditioned look is what every lady will be looking for this season.

Bold Colours Will Reign

According to Nicola Clarke, a celebrity colourist, 2020 is a year defined by boldness. Therefore, more women are going to choose bolder colours, she opines. Any woman wishing to stand out from the rest must be prepared to dig a little deeper into her coffers, warns experts. This is because she should do routine touch-ups, glossing and the like so as to keep the hair shiny.

Like many experts, Stenson contends that while colour still has its place in hair beauty, this season is largely witnessing a strong root to demonstrate the kind of fashion people are going for. A good example is letting your blonde colour grow out to achieve a graphic and cool look.

Being Chunkier

In the words of George Papanikolas, a Matrix celebrity colourist, “Curly hair that features chunky highlights is becoming a big yes for many ladies out there. Curly, chunky and all-round layering have proven to not only be fun but also playful. What’s more, your colour style won’t be overshadowed by the curls. If you want to have a modern look still, you can add a shadow root.

If you’re like most ladies, you must be spending a lot more time contemplating which new hair colour to wear whenever you change your style. Finding a professional hair colourist has never been easy owing to their high demand and busy schedules of most clients. If you can’t wait any longer for that classic and chic look, then why not try out one of the above ladies hair colour options to attract envy from your friends?

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