Shakey’s Pizza is one of the best pizza restaurants around. With so many locations, finding one near you or in an area you plan on being in, is easy. However, you’ll want to learn about the menu. Below is information about the types of food you can find on the menu, as well as price info, recommendations and the pros and cons of the menu.

Menu Selection

Shakey’s serves various types of foods, such as pizza, chicken dishes and desserts. The chicken wings and pizza dishes are extremely popular. Besides that, the restaurant has a lunch buffet. The lunch buffet is popular because it allows customers to eat all the pizza and salad they want. The same goes for the chicken, pasta, potatoes and more. All you do is pay one low price and then you can enjoy the all you can eat buffet.


As for price, this depends on what you want to get and the location. Different restaurant locations might have slightly different prices. However, what we will say is that you get a lot of value for your money. The food tends to be good at all of the locations, and this is easy to see from the many positive reviews out there. If you’re looking for an affordable place to eat at and you want quality food, then look no further than Shakey’s.


We recommend trying everything on the menu. We particularly recommend trying one of the pizza dishes. This is because the restaurant has built a reputation based on serving amazing tasting pizza. We are confident that regardless of the type of pizza you try, you will love it.

If you’re a fan of BBQ, then we highly recommend the Texas BBQ Chicken pizza. If you’re not keen on BBQ chicken, then go for the Ultimate Meat pizza or any other pizza they carry. However, you can order whatever you want but we do recommend those dishes.

As previously mentioned, the restaurant has a lunch buffet. If you can get to this place for lunch, we recommend doing so.

Pros And Cons

There are so many good things that can be said about Shakey’s and it’s menu. For starters, the menu selection is impressive and there is something for everyone on it. The prices are fair and you will love the drinks that are served there. The bottom line is this is a great place to go for lunch or dinner.

As for cons, there aren’t any. We can’t even complain about prices because the menu prices are more than fair. This is regardless of the location’s prices. In other words, it doesn’t matter what restaurant location you go to, you will be impressed with the prices.

As you can see, Shakey’s Pizza menu is impressive, affordable and there are so many good things you can try. You also know about the menu’s pros and cons. All you have to do now is contact or visit the nearest Shakey’s, order food and enjoy.

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