A garage door is usually the biggest entrance into a typical house. It thus requires special consideration when it comes to planning home security. The emergency release mechanism and remote opener are the most frequent points of failure when it comes to break-ins via garage doors. Other vital points in security involve other doors and windows in the room and ensuring that it doesn’t provide easy access into the house.

Vulnerable Areas

The most vulnerable component of any garage door system is the remote control opener. Older models have pre-set codes. There could also be a pad for one to enter a code of their preference. Pre-set codes are bad for security, because someone with a similar opener could effortlessly get access into the garage.

Though one can rectify this by changing the code, most people find it a challenge to remember. Luckily, there are now models of openers that utilize a rolling code technology. This automatically changes the code each time the opener is used. Some models have over three billion combinations, which makes it very hard for anyone to crack them.

The opener should be treated in a similar manner to a key. This is a vital measure as far as security is concerned. One shouldn’t leave it in their vehicle or in the hands of a parking attendant. There are small openers which can be attached to a key ring, thus ensuring that the owner keeps them safe at all times.

Emergency Release Mechanism

This is another vulnerable point. The mechanism is essential as it allows one to override the electronic opening system in case of a power failure. It can also be used if a person gets trapped under the door. This means that the device should never be disabled. If one is concerned about this component of the system, they should consult with a specialist to find out the best way of securing this area. Such a person would explore a viable solution for each type of door, opener and situation.

Additional Tips

When one is out of town, they can secure the door by unplugging the opener and locking the door from the inside. This ensures that the door remains impervious to unwarranted entry when one is gone. Garage windows should be frosted and have blinds in order to prevent a potential burglar from figuring out how the emergency release can be pulled from the outside using a wire. It’s also worth considering reinforced glass for the windows. If possible, the garage should have no windows at all, or have them high up on the wall.

door_to_garage_634547917689151353_9The door leading into the house should be a solid core type with a deadbolt. This is especially important if the garage is left open at times e.g. to provide a workspace. One could also install wide angle peepholes in the door to allow a good view into the space from the house.

It may be tempting to leave the garage door open, especially if the space is used for various purposes. Keeping it closed whenever possible makes it harder for potential burglars. One should consider the items visible inside the space to a passerby. Anything that could attract break-ins should be concealed from view. Motion detectors can also be installed near conventional switch-operated lights.

Garage doors form an integral part of the house. They should be well-made and properly installed. Openers that feature new technology and well-designed emergency release mechanisms are the most vital components of a secure door.

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