The Kahuna is the ultimate in luxury massage chairs. It can be found on display at high-end spas, but this chair is no stranger to your home! The kahuna massage chair was designed by a team of engineers and therapists who combined their knowledge to create an experience that mimics the feeling of having a professional therapist come to your home.

1) When was the Kahuna created, and by who?

A team of engineers and therapists designed kahuna chairs. They combined their knowledge to create an experience that mimics the feeling of having a professional therapist come to your home.
The Kahuna features over 40 different pre-programmed settings, each with its unique setting. You can choose from pressure point therapy or even soothing acupressure. The Kahuna also doesn’t stop at just your back, neck, and shoulders! It has a full-body option that will allow you to select the specific areas of your entire body that need attention for an additional fee per minute. This is perfect for hosting group events like birthday parties or company family days because it allows everyone who uses this chair to customize their experience. Hence, they get exactly what they want out of it. Plus, since there are 40 options available, no one gets left out while others receive more extensive care.

2) How does it work?

One of the Kahuna’s best features is its ability to operate with no hands! The chair automatically adjusts itself, moving in any direction you choose at six different speeds. 40 pre-programmed massage routines will be sure to fit your needs and preferences. You can control all aspects of this Kahuna without ever having to get up or even touch the controls yourself! Plus, it has a USB port where you can plug in your phone or mp player for music while you relax.

The Kahuna offers several options when it comes time for payment, so there should never be any issues if one person does not have enough money on their card before others are finished using the chair. It accepts cash and credit cards and returns your money with a receipt which you can print right from the Kahuna itself.

No matter what kind of kahuna massage chair or brand of Kahuna you choose, they all work together to create an unforgettable experience. That is why we recommend them as the ultimate in luxurious relaxation!
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