Software technology includes a plurality of sub-areas like Road Freight Systems, which accompany the development of the program in its entirety. Also, important is the experimental study of software technology to measure their practical benefits.

Because of the high costs for creating and maintaining complex programs, software development is performed by software developers using a structured (project) plan. This plan (the process model) divides the development process into manageable, temporary and limited phases.

Thus, the software is completed step by step. The phases are closely interlinked throughout the development process. In practice, methods are used which give up the multiple stages of system analysis, system design or concept and subsequent implementation, and testing, for example, prototyping, Agile software development.

The software technique involves the entire process from identification of needs through to the commissioning of a specific IT solution. Main object is the provision and implementation of an application software, in part, plus the necessary hardware and networks.

The to-implement software can be either an individual or a combination of software and configuration of standard software. A specification contains all functions and requirements of a program . It will specify what functions are required and what they do exactly . Based on this overview, the basic technical design decisions are made , and from that the system architecture is derived.

In the case of an assignment of a service company , the requirement specification is the contractual basis for the agreed services. Therefore, the completeness and accuracy of the measures in specifications and requirements of particular importance to the client.

System design or technical concept of Road Freight Systems

A systems analyst or designer, for smaller projects, the programmer defines on the basis of the specifications define the architecture program. As far as standard software products are used takes place in this phase, a specification of the planned product integration and adaptation.

For newly developed software for the design of the data model and the individual functions and algorithms or the object and class structure takes place. The result of the system design is also called DV — concept.

Projects are often done by or with external service providers, but also often as in-house development. Depending on the project type, there are also the approaches to project development: from a very structured approach through various mixed forms to highly flexible, open methods such as agile software development.

Accordingly, there is also a distinction between top-down and bottom- up approaches. The above sub-steps of software development are not necessarily completely through in every project. Rather, individual processes are chosen specifically for each request. This is necessary from the viewpoint of cost and management reduction.

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