Evaluating the correct length and the right weight of the extensions and Eyebrow Tinting Miami to be applied so that the result is harmonious and there are no contraindications for natural eyelashes. The extensions are made of silk or a special hypoallergenic fiber, so they are completely safe and sterile.

How do they apply? How long they last? Are they suitable for everyone? Are there any risks? All you need to know about eyelash extensions in one guide. Before continuing with the description of the technique, however, it is important to make an important premise: you must rely on a real professional. The application of eyelash extensions requires great precision, a careful choice of materials and an analysis of natural eyelashes to identify the most suitable technique to guarantee the best result.

The best known is undoubtedly the so-called one-to-one technique which, as said before, consists in the application of many individual eyelashes on natural ones. With this technique you get in a short time longer and thicker eyelashes, a result in itself excellent that however can be improved. Maybe with the technique of 3D eyelashes.

In this case, micro tufts are applied to each individual natural eyelash, thus increasing not only the length but also the volume. Do not confuse this technique with the classic tufts of false eyelashes, because those used for extensions have the same characteristics as single lashes used in the one to one technique: lightness and impalpability. Depending on the degree of volume you want to achieve the technique can evolve into 4D, 6D and 8D, for real fawn eyes.

All this is possible because, after an analysis of your eyelashes, the Eyebrow Tinting Miami professional will be able to determine which application technique is most suitable for your eye.


Evaluation – The first thing is the evaluation of natural eyelashes: the practitioner carefully observes the length, strength and thickness of natural eyelashes to evaluate the choice of the most suitable extensions: length and weight of the extensions are factors that vary according to the shape of the eye, the pre-existing situation and the desired result, this is really a very important phase.

Preparation – We proceed with the application of a primer that, in fact, prepares the natural eyelashes eliminating any residues of make up or sweat, so as to maximize the adhesion of the glue. Once the primer has evaporated, a patch is applied along the lower rim of the eye. It is used to isolate the upper lashes and to protect the lashes of the lower arch from any residual glue.

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