A lawn is a basic necessity for any property that has a large outdoor space. It is necessary as it serves both a functional role as well as an aesthetic one. If you are planning to establish a new lawn, and you have less than a week to do so, there are two options that you may want to consider. The first is to install artificial turf, which may be costly, but comes with zero maintenance and can be installed in a day or two. While this is the quickest way of creating a great outdoor space, you may not have the funds to invest in a synthetic lawn. Furthermore, you might actually prefer a natural lawn to an artificial lawn. In that regard, your best option would be to install instant turf in Adelaide.

What is Instant Turf?

This is simply a natural “carpet” created by germinating grass in a controlled environment. As the seeds germinate and start growing, the roots get interwoven together to form a tight knit. Once they are ready for planting, the yard is prepped and irrigated before the “carpets” are laid throughout the yard. the entire yard is then irrigated. After a couple of hours, the roots of the grass would have penetrated the ground. After around 24 hours, the lawn would be ready for use.

There is also a second option for instant turf in Adelaide. This is simply to use a sod cutter to extract sod from an existing lawn and transferring the sod to your yard. Whichever option you choose, be sure to hire the most qualified landscaping company to do the job. The following factors should be considered during the search for the best landscaper:

i) Licencing

The ideal landscaper should have a landscaping licence. You should never work with a contractor who does not have a valid licence. Be sure to check the validity of licences of the top-rated landscaping firms before putting them on your shortlist.

) Experience in the Industry

The most experienced contractors should be given strong consideration. This is because they are in a position to offer great services. After all, they have handled a wide variety of landscaping jobs since they started their business. Check both the number of years a contractor has been in business as well as the types of landscaping jobs they’ve handled in the past before making a decision.

iii) Pricing

You have a limited budget, so it is important you obtain quotes from three or four landscapers and choose the most affordable one. However, they must be qualified to offer the service.

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