In order to thrive, small businesses must find ways to organize their operations in ways that will result in optimal profit. Doing things manually in today’s competitive environment simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Owners need to use technologies that will allow them to move swiftly whenever there’s an opportunity. For many, the preferred solution is Infusionsoft. This is an integrated sales and marketing software that handles all of the requirements of a small business. Infusionsoft reviews unanimously praise its impressive feature set which we discuss below:

Contact Manager

The contact management system handles all of the information gathered regarding the business leads. Import data from existing files and add more as they are captured. These can then be tagged and sorted according to different categories. The behavior of each lead can be tracked so that they can be better understood. By knowing their likes and tendencies, owners can get more stocks of a popular product, announce a sale to entice more purchases, and so on.

Marketing Automation

The information gathered about the leads may also be used to create customized messages. The software is powerful enough to discern what exactly they want to see and hear. For instance, they may be reminded of the items they recently viewed or informed about an upcoming sale. These emails are designed to be that final push that will have them opening their wallets to make a purchase. They can be made colorful with pictures of various products for best results.

Sales Automation

There is a place for tasks and appointments as well. Everything can be coordinated through this one powerful software. Input all of the necessary activities and set reminders so that they will not be forgotten. Follow-up emails can be sent automatically such that there is never a need to worry about getting a response. The system can be adapted to both small and medium-scale operations. Thus, it can follow a business from start-up to the growth years.

Reporting Tools

Those who love to crunch data will surely be happy with the reporting tools they will find inside Infusionsoft. Every aspect of the business that can be measured will be measured so that there will be hard numbers to track progress.

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