Pre marriage counseling has been proved to solve issues that arise in marriage, and is usually offered by clergy, wedding officiant, psychologist and also people who have been trained about marital affairs.

The cost of premarital counselling depends on several factors such as: how it’s going to be conducted, either online or one on one, number of counselling sessions and also experience and qualification of the person offering the counseling.

The are several issues that are discussed during the counselling and they include:

Ways of resolving conflicts

This includes effective ways of communication which will help in settling down conflicts because without them the marriage is going to be full of struggles.

Financial management

Money can cause a lot of fights in marriage, because each individual has different opinion and so its important to be open about financial issues during the premarital counselling, so that such issues cannot happen once people get married.

The future

Before the couple met, each individual had their personal future goals concerning their career, business and other aspects of life, after meeting, they definitely have plans for the future concerning the family. Therefore, it’s important to discuss some of these plans before getting married.

How the past can affect the future.

This is a topic discussed during pre-marital classes during two people from different background are coming together to start a life. The therapist usually helps or provides solution especially if one of the spouse or both had a bad experience which might affect their marriage.

Pre marriage counselling is important because it helps the couple in different ways such as:

It helps people think positively about marriage

This is especially for those that fear marriage maybe because of the experience they have had such as broken families, so pre-marital counselling helps one to overcome these fear and have a positive attitude towards marriage.

Helps the couple discover new things about themselves
Through attending these classes, the couple is able to understand each other well and also learn new things about themselves and each other which promotes growth.

It helps the couple to fix issues

This is where the couple is equipped with ways of addressing issues that may affect their relationship before they become worse. Such issues include, money, number of children or in-laws.

Tackling these issues before marriage is important because it helps prevent conflicts in the future.

No one is fully prepared for marriage but seeking pre marriage counseling is always important because it helps to have a strong foundation.

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