Nurse call systems serve as an important link between caregivers and their patient in healthcare facilities. However, these sophisticated systems serve more than the basic traditional push-to-call systems that were common in healthcare facilities in the past.

Nowadays, nurse call systems come with advanced features that can significantly improve the level of patient care offered in a healthcare facility. If you are considering the idea of installing nurse call systems Sydney, here are some of the important features you should learn about these potentially lifesaving technologies.

How they Work

Traditional nurse call systems are simple buttons that allow patients to press whenever they are in need of assistance from a nurse. The system then alerts the nurse through a central hub indicating the room which has called for help. However, if your aim is to differentiate your healthcare organization from others in Sydney, you don’t have to go for such personal pendant transmitters that simply transmit an alarm when a patient presses the button.

The best nurse call systems Sydney should be able to signal your nursing staff if the patient falls down or moves outside the monitored area. The notification can be transmitted to your choice of pocket pager, two-way radio, cell phone, iPod text, computer console or wireless desktop, LED reader board, and other mobile or stationary devices. The alert can inform who the staff or resident member in need of help is as well as his/her location.

Features of Modern Nurse Call systems

Besides calling and signaling, modern nurse call systems keep healthcare staff linked to their patients while they are on the move. Wireless communications systems can be integrated into the nurse call systems in such a way that nurses and other medical staff can link up with patients and other healthcare staff instantly whenever they receive an alert. Moreover, these advanced systems accompany the alerts with detailed information regarding the level of care that a patient needs.

In a nutshell, today’s nurse call systems are more sophisticated than traditional systems. They are designed to improve patient care by not only alerting the medical staff about a patient who is in need of care, but also the location of the patient and the level of care or help required. Furthermore, today’s nurse call systems can alert medical staff about a patient’s location and needs on mobile and wireless devices. So, it is safe to say that nurse call systems have come a long way from the previous decades when patients had to ring a bell to get the attention of the nurse on duty.

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