When you are in a troubled marriage, you have a number of options. You can continue to live in a bad situation and watch your marriage disintegrate, you can separate from your spouse, or you can file for a divorce. Fortunately, there is a better option. You can begin marriage counseling Washington DC.

What Is The Purpose Of Counseling?

While one purpose of counseling is to save a troubled marriage and prevent divorce, there are additional purposes you will cover with your counselor.

One example is you and your spouse will learn to communicate. You can learn healthier communication skills that do not involve placing blame or being afraid to speak up. When a couple can talk to each other with respect, it is a big step toward preserving a marriage.

A second example is determining the cause of your marital problems so solutions can be reached. Whether the problems are about money, sex, raising the children, future goals, or unresolved issues from the past, openly discussing the issues with your counselor will help you move toward solutions.

Third, love and romance can be brought back into a troubled marriage. A person may feel he is taken advantage of by his spouse, not listened to or taken seriously, or no longer loved. When issues like these are brought out into the open, you and your partner can develop deep feelings for each other again.

What Does A Marriage Counselor Do?

A marriage counselor is a trained, experienced professional. One role the counselor has is to facilitate healthy communication between marriage partners. A counselor can point out problems as he or she sees them, and offer solid advice.

A good counselor does not take sides. Counseling is not useful if you want to blame your partner for everything that is wrong with your marriage. Counselors intend to be objective, and will listen to your concerns as well as your spouse’s concerns.

Is Counseling For Everybody?

In some instances, marriages require more than basic counseling. If there have been cases of domestic abuse, infidelity, or other serious issues, a counselor can recommend how to proceed in these types of situations. A good counselor will not advise someone to simply tolerate an unhealthy or dangerous situation.

However, counseling can be the first step, regardless of the problems you are experiencing. It will eventually be up to you to decide whether your marriage should be saved.

With divorce as easy as it is these days, too many individuals do not look at other options. You do not need to end your marriage and later regret this decision.

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