Hollow vessels are turned pieces featuring an opening that is smaller than its lower part. Various tools can be used to turn these vessels; each device can do the task differently depending on the guidelines they follow while turning the vessels. As they are used in many various essential functions, you need to ensure you know what you are doing when trying the art of woodturning to get the vessels. The following are the guidelines on how you can quickly get to turn wood to get the opening vessels:

Drill the wood

This is the first thing you will be required to do, remove all the materials using a drill bit; you will need to be keen and clever here; start with a drill that has a small diameter as you increase while drilling. This ensures that you eliminate the available wood materials you meet before getting a too complex transformation. It is all about creating space and a way for further hollowing. Once you have attained the required space, you should mark it as you proceed to the next step of working.

Scrape out the small sections

When you are done general drilling, you should consider using a hollowing tool now to help you scrape the small sections that remained standing. It also smoothens the parts that were severely drilled and can pierce a body at any moment; you should scrape as you get down the vessel’s chamber. While doing this, the critical thing should be the thickness of the wall you want to achieve and the desired thickness; you should not scrape beyond that. Be careful enough to avoid cutting through the sides as now have already hollowed the wood; avoid aggressiveness with the cuts you make in this section.

Clean up as you apply, finish.

Now you are done with drilling and hollowing; you need to clean up inside the hollowed vessel and consider applying finish. Before this, do your final touches by final smoothening and achieving the desired smoothness that won’t affect any of your brushes while applying finish. It takes very few steps to apply a finish, but you can use the usual routine of applying finish to any wood materials.


It can take little time to create hollow vessels; you only need a drill bit and the hollowing tool to make the whole process a success within the shortest time possible. However, there are other preferable tools you can use for the same you should always choose what makes you comfortable with at any given point.

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